Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's been a while! New Reads for Future Reviews

Wow, my life has been quite busy busy busy. My little boy is about to turn 5 and thus begins his public school adventures in August. And then came a little gem of an e-mail to my mailbox which sparked my interest. Anna Kashina has written a book entitled Ivan and Marya, published by Drollerie Press. She has asked me to review it and after reading her excerpt, I eagerly agreed. It's been a while since something new caught my eye and I'm looking forward to reading her book.

Anna Kashina's Ivan and Marya

I'm also re-reading Joely Sue Burkhart's The Rose of Shanhasson in preparation for reading the next in her series, The Road to Shanhasson. I still think of Gregar, wishing I knew his face and doubly wishing I had that Gregar doll I proclaimed my desire for when I reviewed the first of Mrs. Burkhart's series. I hope she remembers because I heard that she was actively looking for "Gregar". If she ever finds him and subsequently delivers to the world a Gregar doll, I will be first in line.

Joely Sue Burkhart's The Road to Shanhasson

For those of you who haven't read Rose, here is the link:

Joely Sue Burkhart's The Rose of Shanhasson

I've also been reading of Mrs. Burkhart's other books as well, including a few new releases however those will have to come another day.