Monday, April 14, 2008

Christine Kringle Review

I did this review back in November of 2007:

Get ready to enter a world of Christmas you never knew existed! Lynn Brittney breathes new life into the tradition of Santa Claus with her book featuring Christine Kringle, part of the next generation of Gift Bringers. Join the Kringle family as they attend the Yule conference intent on seeking a way for Christine Kringle to become Kriss Kringle's successor as Gift Bringer to the USA. Complete with awkward teenage moments, interesting inventions, and politics, this book is quite a fun read.

The book begins with the Kringle family trip to Finland for this year's Yule Conference. Their purpose is to propose that Christine Kringle become the successor of Kriss Kringle for the position of Gift Bringer in the USA. The trouble is that the Yule Dynasty is very old and hence their rules of operations are very old - only male descendants can succeed the previous gift bringer. Once they arrive and Kriss Kringle gives his proposal, there is much opposition. A news report interrupts the debate to inform that a small town named Plinkbury has banned Christmas!

A plan emerges with good probability of success. Christine and her new friends Nick, Little K and his new invention travel to the town of Plinkbury to save Christmas. Together with the help of a red Ferrari, elves Zazu and Egan, Operation Save Christmas is underway. Meanwhile, Ma and The Sisterhood create chaos in the Council to give Christine and the boys the time they need to make their plan a success. Christine and her friends must work quickly because the Council won't be distracted for long!

Christine Kringle is a book for everyone, young and old alike. Teenager in every sense of the word, Christine charms us with her playfulness one moment and her budding sense of responsibility in another. She is a lovable character that strives to prove herself more than just a teenage girl. You won’t want to put this book down, I certainly didn’t. This book will certainly be one that I will read every year during the Christmas season.

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